ATC Penang Hosts Successful Mixer Night Event

On 21 June 2024, ATC Penang hosted the highly anticipated Mixer Night, a movie-centric event that brought together participants from various intakes. The evening was filled with engaging activities, from teambuilding station games to satisfying snacks and an enjoyable movie-watching experience.

The event aimed to create a casual, light-hearted atmosphere, ensuring that every participant had a wonderful time. The diverse range of activities allowed students to connect and have fun in a relaxed setting.

A special thanks goes to FIL student Nurul Nisa, whose creative vision and hard work were instrumental in bringing Mixer Night to life. Her dedication, alongside the efforts of the organizing team, made the event a resounding success.

Mixer Night was a memorable experience for all attendees, blending entertainment with social interaction, and leaving everyone eagerly anticipating future events.

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