Academic Director

Daniel Abishegam has been teaching law since 2003. After a stint as an Advocate & Solicitor, he turned to teaching and has not looked back. Despite his management responsibilities now, he still ensures that he keeps regular teaching hours as that interaction with students is what drives him. He obtained his Bachelors degree, Postgraduate Diploma and Masters degree in law all from the University of London. He teaches Public Law, Property Law and Legal Research Methods.

Daniel has served on the Malaysian Bar’s Constitutional Law Committee as an invited member for 2016/17 and 2017/18, and on the Ad-hoc committee on the Common Bar Course.

He has been a regular contributor on current legal issues on Lite FM. He has written many articles published in leading Malaysian news portals. His opinion has also been sought for current legal issues by the press.

Head of Department, University of London Bachelor of Laws Programme (LLB)

Saravanan currently serves as the Head of LLB for the University of London Undergraduate Programme at ATC. He has been teaching Contract Law and Tort Law for the University of London and the University of Cambridge Programmes for the past 16 years and is also the Principal Lecturer for the subject of Tort. Prior to this, he had extensive experience as an Exam Officer and trained marker for the Cambridge International Examinations, which gave him valuable insights into the best practices for student assessment and evaluation.

In addition to his academic work, Saravanan has impressive dual expertise in legal advisory work for corporate clients and as a licensed negotiator in real estate. This serves as an inspiration to students, highlighting the importance of acquiring diverse skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen career paths.

Head of Department, Hong Kong Operation

Mr.Sharavanaa Mahendran is the Head of LLB Department for Hong Kong operation. He is graduated with LLB from University of London in 2012 and started his career as a lecturer at ATC since then. He completed his Master in Business Administration in 2020. He is the Principal Lecturer for Contract Law, Evidence Law, Intellectual Property, European Union Law, Civil and Criminal Procedure and International Protection of Human Rights.

Throughout his career he has taught law in various countries primarily in Hong Kong, Singapore and in Malaysia in both ATC campuses in Kuala Lumpur and Penang and has taught students at Bachelor of Laws Programme with University of London, United Kingdom Transfer Program and A-Levels with Cambridge University.

Head of Department, UK Degree Transfer Programme (Law)

Ms Subana first began teaching at ATC in 2014. She left ATC to complete her pupillage and practiced law for several years. She then obtained a Master of Laws in Energy Law at University College London as a Chevening Scholar. Upon her return to Malaysia, Ms Subana briefly recommenced legal practice before making a comeback to ATC as a lecturer. She has been the Head of Department of the UK Degree Transfer Programme (Law) since April 2022.

Ms Subana teaches Criminal Law, EU Law, Evidence and Jurisprudence but her research is predominantly focused on international energy law, international investment law and investor protection.

Head of Department, Pre-University Programmes

Mr. Jackson joined ATC in 2021. Prior to that, he served as a legal executive in a reputable legal firm assisting in corporate and conveyancing matters. Mr. Jackson’s affection, affinity and affiliation with ATC dates back to the days when he was an ATC student.

He represented ATC in various moot competitions before he was made a coach to ATC’s moot team for the 2018 LAWASIA International Moot Competition. Besides teaching Public Law and Criminal Law in the undergraduate programmes, Mr. Jackson is also the Head of Pre-University Department and teaches Critical Thinking in the Foundation in Law programme.

He was also awarded the 2016 Selangor State Legislative Assembly Speaker’s Award for his outstanding performance in Public Law.

Head of Department, Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP)

Ms. Kashmir has over ten years of experience in legal academia and practice. She currently manages the CLP Department at ATC besides teaching on the University of London LLB, UK Transfer Degree, and CLP programmes. Ms. Kashmir enjoys sharing her knowledge in various subject matters namely – Professional Practice, Family Law, Company Law, and Legal System & Method.

She was admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor in the year 2015 and mainly handled international corporate commercial issues whilst in practice. An ardent believer in continuous learning, Ms. Kashmir completed her Master in Laws with the University of London in year 2021, specialising in International Dispute Resolution. Constantly inspired by the ever-evolving world of law, Ms. Kashmir maintains her research work in the spheres of Family Law, Corporate/Commercial Law, and Public International Law.

Deputy Head of Department (LLB)

Mr.Baldeep Singh is the Principal lecturer for Criminal Law, Equity & Trust and Jurisprudence. He has been lecturing in ATC for more than 7 years. He has started his journey in ATC as a student and as time went on became extremely attached to the subject and the college as well.

With time, he has also taken up the duties as the Deputy Head of LLB and in charge or matters relating to student affairs in LLB department. As an ex-student of ATC, he was involved in Moot Competitions and as a Lecturer he assist students by providing coaching and this have led to ATC students being recognised nation-wide as some of the best young mooters around.

Ms.Meera Badmanaban completed both her undergraduate (LLB) and postgraduate (LLM) studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK.

Upon being called to the Malaysian Bar, she spent several years in legal practice, dealing mainly with civil and banking litigation.

She has extensive teaching experience over 3 decades in various programmes such as the LLB (UOL; UKT; OBU; UTAS), LLM and MBA. Her main areas of specialty are in Company Law, Business Law and Public Law. She teaches in the KL campus and is a visiting lecturer to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

She is also a regular contributor of articles (both legal and otherwise) to various news portals, and writes poetry in her spare time.

Miss Suloshiny is an ATC alumna and joined us as a lecturer in the year 2016. She is the principal lecturer for the subject Legal System & Method for Year 1 and teaches Tort and Family law for Year 2 both in our KL and Hong Kong campuses.

Miss Suloshiny briefly served as the co-Head of Pre-U Department before deciding to pursue Master of Laws at University of Malaya and is currently at her final semester.

Ms Vikna Prashanthini has joined ATC as a lecturer in the year of 2018. She was previously an ATC alumna and has completed Certificate in Legal Practice prior to joining ATC to fulfil her dream of being an academician. In addition to being the Principal Lecturer of Criminology at the Kuala Lumpur campus, she also teaches Contract Law (UOL & UKT), European Union Law, Criminology as well as Corporate and Business Law.

She teaches in the KL campus and is a visiting lecturer to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In addition to that, she is currently pursuing Master of Laws (final semester) at University Malaya.

Mr.Redza joined ATC as a lecturer from 2014 to 2016 and recently joined ATC back in 2022 after years of practicing in criminal, corporate, and civil litigation. Before joining ATC in 2022, he served as a Senior Tax Consultant in Deloitte Malaysia and he is an expert in corporate and commercial transactions related to tax.

Mr. Redza has published several articles on human rights issues and corporate framework and it got published in Malayan Law Journal (MLJ). He is currently writing his proposal to pursue his Ph.D. in international law on territorial land and sea conflicts.

Mr. Vishal initially joined ATC as a lecturer in 2015. After a couple of fruitful years spent educating young minds, he left ATC in 2017 to become an Industrial Relations consultant and subsequently practiced law in a reputable employment law firm for a number of years, before making his fateful return to ATC.

During his time in the legal field, Mr. Vishal kept his love for teaching alive as a corporate trainer, and has trained numerous corporate clients on how to deal with Employment Law and Industrial Law issues. Mr. Vishal is also an ATC alumnus, and was the Student Council President and President of the ATC Film Club during his student days

Miss Shankari Balakrishnan joined ATC in 2019, as Principal Lecturer with the Family Law Faculty. Miss Shankari read law in the UK, and during her time in college, she was well exposed to multifaceted legal opinions and training.

She has returned to Malaysia, to pursue her passion in education. Whilst she enjoys all types of law, she is particularly enthusiastic in Family and Intellectual Property (IP) Law.

Ms. Aisyah is a lecturer for MPU subjects on Hubungan Etnik, TITAS, Penghayatan Etika dan Peradaban (PEP), Falsafah dan Isu Semasa (FIS), Perlembagaan dan Masyarakat etc. She has written a mini thesis about Pol Pot Regime during Khmer Rouge Period and also about the Rohingyas in Myanmar.

She Passionate in exploring more on history and civilization as it has a basic structure on analyzing of human behaviors.

Ms. Irene Kam is a Senior Lecturer in ATC and Head of Intellectual Property in Messrs. Azri, Lee Swee Seng & Co. Ms. Irene also serves as an Independent Director in Parkwood Holdings Berhad.

Ms. Irene has immense love and passion for the law, having both practised law in a professional capacity for a decade, and having taught pre-U, LLB and CLP for 14 years.

Ravindran was admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in 2000 and was admitted as partner of Sreenevasan Young in 2009. He was previously a partner at Watson Peters and Mohd Fuad. He also lectures on the University of London International Programme in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong and on the Certificate of Legal Practice programme.

Ravindran has been involved in dispute resolution since his call to the Bar. Over the years he has developed a practice in corporate and commercial litigation. However, Ravindran still maintains a practice in other areas of interest to him, mainly libel and in the areas of equity, trusts and land law.

Ravindran brings a balance of scholarship and pragmatism to the briefs he handles. He has appeared at all tiers of the Malaysian Courts.

Edmund K.M. Lau is the Senior Lecturer for the subjects of Public Law, Company Law, Equity & Trusts, and Jurisprudence & Legal Theory. He has taught these subjects at Advanced Tertiary College (Malaysia) and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (SPEED) for more than a decade.

Edmund Lau received his Bachelor of Laws (LLB-Hons) from the University of London. He was also awarded the International Diploma in Arbitration by the Asia International Arbitration Centre (formerly, KLRCA). In addition, he is a Certified TESOL Instructor (Canadian Global TESOL). Aside from his academic career, Edmund previously worked in the IT and banking sectors.

Mr Daniel has been part of the ATC teaching faculty since 2012. In 2014, he decided to venture into a new field which closely relates to his favourite subject, Tort Law. He joined Zurich Insurance(Malaysia) and dealt particularly in Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) claims and was involved both in the litigation and direct settlement team.

After acquiring some hands on experience of the law, Mr Daniel decides to return to ATC to be involved both in the management and academic front. He is now with Zurich General Insurance(Malaysia) Bhd, leading the Functional Excellence team in Claims.