Certificate in Legal Practice

After graduating with the Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of London (LL.B), you will be required to complete a professional law exam, known as the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP), to become a qualified advocate and solicitor. The Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) is a prerequisite qualifying examination for admission to the Malaysian Bar. If you have obtained the minimum requirements in your LL.B results, you may proceed to read for the CLP course. The exams are conducted by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board, and it is regulated by the Legal Profession Act 1976.

Reading law at ATC College gives you the added advantage of being prepared for the real world. You will learn practical applications for different subjects so that you can answer the exam questions well. You will develop a well-balanced perspective of academic law and practical applications. It is essential training to develop the necessary skills required as a lawyer. You will be taught by excellent tutors, who are a combination of academics and practitioners. The tutors at ATC College are highly experienced with outstanding credentials, and they include CLP textbook authors in the areas of Evidence, Professional Practice, and General Paper. You will definitely have the edge over your peers at ATC College. 

The CLP exams are conducted twice a year. The main exam will be held in July, and the supplementary exam (for re-sits) will be held in October. You must pass all the papers in one sitting. The CLP consists of 5 compulsory papers, which are as follows:


  • September
  • Duration

  • 9 months

  • Campus

  • KL Campus
  • Penang Campus
  • General Paper

    In General Paper, you will be reading the Malaysian Tort and Contract Law. You will develop an in-depth understanding of the legal principles, rules, practices, procedures, case law, and its direct application. You will learn to draft, prepare Statements of Claim and other legal documentation.


    In the subject of Evidence, you will be learning about a lot of interesting cases, and develop an in-depth understanding of the law governing the admissibility of evidence in Malaysia. You will be able to analyse cases, apply the legal principles, and present your argument practically in civil and criminal proceedings.

    Civil Procedure

    Civil Procedure is a very practical and applicable subject for work in a law firm. It is one of the heavier subjects, and you will have an advantage if you have some legal work experience. You must be familiar with the Rules of Court 2012. You will gain detailed knowledge of the procedures governing the stages of a trial, commencing in the High Courts and Subordinate Courts to judgement. 

    Criminal Procedure

    In the Criminal Procedure subject, you will acquire a thorough understanding of the Malaysian criminal procedures, rules, and practices, which include topics such as Arrest, Bail, and Sentencing, Revisionary Powers, and Appeals. You will develop a deep understanding of the legal principles of Criminal Law and related legislation, and the different procedural rules in criminal matters to ensure proper and efficient administration of justice.

    Professional Practice

    This subject is divided into 2 parts, Part A and Part B. Part A is about Ethics and Advocacy, focusing on the rules governing the professional conduct of advocates and solicitors. You will understand and appreciate the roles and responsibilities, liabilities, immunity, privileges, and ethics of the legal profession in Malaysia. In Part B, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the principles of Malaysian Land Law, Probate Law, Bankruptcy, and Winding-Up Law. You will be able to identify issues and advise on evidence, liability, procedure and remedies, and draft pleadings.

    After you have passed the CLP, you may proceed to undergo pupilage, or chambering, for 9 months, under a senior counsel, or master who has at least 7 years of legal experience. This industrial experience is a prerequisite in order to be called to the Malaysian Bar. And if you decide to enter into the corporate world instead, this highly-respected qualification adds weightage to your resume in your chosen field.

    • Must be a Malaysian citizen / PR holders
    • 5 credits in SPM/O-Levels or equivalent and
    • 2 principle passes in A-Levels
    • STPM (including Pengajian Am) 2C or
    • Foundation programme or it’s equivalent or
    • Recognized Law degree with an award of minimum Second Class Lower

    Anilraj Verdamanickam
    2nd Class Upper 2008
    “… the CLP lecturers at ATC truly care whether we understand the subject matter. This personal touch makes a world of difference. I have experienced excellence at every level of my studies at ATC.”

    Loon Jia Yin
    CLP Class of 2008
    “I thank God for placing me in ATC. The efforts and dedication given by the lecturers, especially Mr. Joseph was overwhelming. His ceaseless motivation pushed me to study hard and smart, and to not give up. The amount of notes, questions, and other relevant materials from lecturers were more than sufficient for the preparation of CLP. not forgetting my friends and family who supported me emotionally and financially. Thanks everyone. Thank you ATC!”

    Jason Lim Mun Kit
    Class of 2008 – Grade A for Civil Procedure
    “The CLP programme in ATC has contributed successfully in developing and assisting me to achieve what I initially supposed would be a bleak journey. Certainly, I am a proud student of this alma mater. Through the untiring dedication of the teachers, here I stand proud as a CLP scholar that has prepared me to face the real world.”

    Choong Kok Sen
    2nd Class Upper 2009 – Grade A for Evidence
    “The Best Decision I Have Ever Made.”

    Arunjothy a/p M Selvaraju
    2nd Class Upper 2008
    “… I was at a bigger college to do my CLP exams the first time and I did not pass my exams. I came to ATC and I saw the difference. My excellent results are due to the ATC lecturers, Mr. Joseph Low in particular. There is no better place than ATC to do your CLP. I am evidence of this…”

    Chan Hean Lee
    Class of 2009 – Grade A for Evidence
    “I thoroughly enjoyed my time in ATC, their excellent teaching on the LLB programme continues on the CLP programme. I highly recommend ATC for your CLP success.”

    Nereen Kaur a/p Kaheratma Singh
    2nd Class Upper 2008
    “…I have many fond memories of my time at ATC, especially on the CLP programme where I felt that the learning process was holistic and practical at the same time.

    Arun Kumar
    Class of 2006 – Grade A for Criminal Procedure
    “The close and personalised attention by the lecturers of ATC made the difference for me.”

    Certificate in Legal Practice
    Registration Fee: RM1,000
    Tuition Fee: RM10,500

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