Advance Tertiary College (ATC) is one of the oldest private law school in the region. Established since 1987, our objective has always been to afford a viable educational platform to individuals from all walks of life in securing a world class legal qualification.

ATC mainly provides the University of London’s Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree programme. This is a 3+0 course which enables undergraduates to study locally yet graduate with a credible international legal qualification from ‘the very first university that offered English Law’, the University of London.

“Attaining an LLB degree through the University of London International Programmes is indeed a prestigious achievement. It has helped launch many of our graduates into building successful careers, not only in legal practice, but also in other non-legal and highly competitive spheres, both locally and internationally,” observed ATC’s CEO and Principal, Dr. Danny Choong.

At ATC we prioritise quality of education. We impart legal knowledge with the prime focus of molding the minds of our undergraduates towards critical and analytical thinking, which is an important skill needed for one to truly appreciate workings of the ever-evolving subject matter of law. Over the years, it is the growth and achievements of our students that has fueled our strong commitment towards excellence;

In the recent LLB examinations held in May 2017, Ms. Siah An-Gel (An-Gel) from ATC KL won the Malaysian Laws Scholarship. This Scholarship, also known as the King’s Scholarship is awarded yearly by the University of London to any Malaysian student who scores the highest marks in Year One of the LLB. Through the scholarship, An-Gel will be completing the remaining two final years of her degree at King’s College London.

Coming from a family with a non-legal background, An-Gel confesses that her ambition was always to study in the medical field, “Law was not my initial choice of studies. There are no lawyers in my family. Growing up, I never had the opportunity to converse with anyone of such background.

However, little did An-Gel know that she would find her true passion in law, “I decided to take up a pre-university course. Somewhere along the lines, my mum encouraged me to pursue my studies in law. Corollary to that, law was one of the subjects I took when I did the Cambridge A levels in ATC and it was then that I became truly intrigued to the subject matter.”

An-Gel attained outstanding results in her A Levels by scoring straight – 3As! She was then truly convinced and determined to pursue her LLB degree with ATC, “Honestly, I chose ATC because I was attracted to their internal merit-scholarship scheme. This gave me the impression that this is an institute that prioritises quality education. Thereafter, my time in ATC had been an amazing one. It was where I had the privilege of meeting great people and amazing lecturers. This is the place that ignited my zeal for law.”

As a King’s Scholar today, An-Gel attributes her remarkable achievement primarily to her mother, “Mummy, Ive said this a million times and Ill say it again. Thank you for your everlasting love and support. Nothing motivates me more than your happiness. Thank you for being such a great person and thank you for having such a big heart. You inspired me to be the best that I can be and I am eternally indebted to you.

Persistently hardworking and especially a humble student, An-Gel remains indebted to her lecturer, “To Mr Daniel Gan, for the millionth times as well, thank you. For without your guidance since A-Levels, I would not have had the motivation to push myself to the limits and believe that nothing is impossible. It is your constant words of motivation and faith that led me to never give up throughout this LLB journey.

As she gleefully recalls all the classes which she has never missed attending, An-Gel adds, “To Ms Meera, Mr EL Tan, Ms Kash and Ms Santhi. Thank you all for your boundless dedication in teaching. Thank you for teaching me to see things from differing perspectives and to keep an open mind. Thank you for introducing me to a world so big and different where the only limit is none.” An-Gel advises those who aspire to take up law to work consistently hard and to always be inquisitive and open-minded.

In September, An-Gel will begin her Second Year of LLB in King’s College London. She aspires to one day become a litigation lawyer. Whilst she is truly looking forward to do so,                An-Gel admits that she will miss home and ATC dearly, “To ATC, Dr Choong and Mr Kevin Leong, the management and team, thank you for providing me such an incredible starting point.

Our LLB [Aug/Sept Intake] is currently in progress. For further information, kindly contact us at our toll free line 1-800-88-9292 or write to us at You may even follow us at Facebook/Instagram at Advance Tertiary College/AtcitsYourRight.