UK Degree Transfer Programme (Law)
(N/380/6/0060)(09/26)(MQA/PA 14746)

UK Degree Transfer Programme (Law)

ATC is proud to offer students the option of graduating from some of the finest universities in the UK after starting their journey right here at ATC

The UK Degree Transfer Programme is designed in a way that allows the student to complete up to the first 2 years of the degree programme here at ATC and then move on to complete the degree at a partner university of their choice.

This will be an economical way of obtaining a degree from the partner university of choice as you only have to spend 1 year in the UK. However, it must be noted that this arrangement does not in any way affect the final qualification that you receive from the partner university. The degree certificate that will be awarded will be the exact same one that you will get if you had attended the partner university entirely.

Start your journey to a UK degree in law with the added benefit of a UK student experience at a fraction of the cost today.


  • January
  • April
  • September
  • Duration

  • (2+1) - 2 years at ATC and 1 year at a partner university
  • (1+2) - 1 year at ATC and 2 years at a partner university
  • Campus

  • KL Campus
  • Penang Campus
  • Courses:

    Student must complete all core and compulsory courses, with two elective.

    Year 1

    No.SemesterNameCourse CodeClassificationCredit ValuePre-requisite
    1Sem 1Legal System & Methods 1LAW 1001Comp.4.0
    2Sem 1Public Law 1LAW 2001Core4.0
    3Sem 1Criminal Law 1LAW 3001Core4.0
    4Sem 1Elements of Contract 1LAW 4001Core4.0
    5Sem 1TitasMPU 3123Comp.3.0
    6Sem 2Legal System & Methods 2LAW 1002Core4.0LSM 1
    7Sem 2Public Law 2LAW 2002Core4.0Public Law 1
    8Sem 2Criminal Law 2LAW 3002Core4.0Criminal Law 2
    9Sem 2Elements of Contract 2LAW 4002Core4.0Contract 1
    10Sem 2Hubungan EtnikMPU 3113Comp.3.0
    11Sem 2Legal Research MethodsLAW 1010Comp.2.0

    Total Credit Hours (Year 1): 40

    Year 2

    No.SemesterNameCourse CodeClassificationCredit ValuePre-requisite
    1Sem 1Tort 1LAW 5001Core4.0Completed Year 1
    2Sem 1Land Law 1LAW 6001Core4.0Completed Year 1
    3Sem 1Personal Financial PlanningMPU 3252Comp.3.0
    4Sem 1Family Law 1LAW 8001Elective4.0Completed Year 1
    5Sem 1Commercial Law 1LAW 7001Elective4.0Completed Year 1
    6Sem 1Law of Evidence 1LAW 9001Elective4.0Completed Year 1
    7Sem 1Company Law 1LAW 1201Elective4.0Completed Year 1
    8Sem 2Tort 2LAW 5002Core4.0Tort Law 1
    9Sem 2Land Law 2LAW 6002Core4.0Land Law 1
    10Sem 2Perlembagaan & MasyarakatMPU 3333Comp.3.0
    11Sem 2Khidmat MasyarakatMPU 3422Comp.2.0
    12Sem 2Family Law 2LAW 8002Elective4.0Family Law 1
    13Sem 2Commercial Law 2LAW 7002Elective4.0Commercial Law 1
    14Sem 2Law of Evidence 2LAW 9002Elective4.0Law of Evidence 1
    15Sem 2Company Law 2LAW 1202Elective4.0Company Law 1

    Total Credit Hours (Year 2): 40

    Total Credit Hours: 80

    Upon completion of 1 year (1+2) or 2 years (2+1) of the programme, our students will be able to transfer to any of our following partner universities and complete their degree in law with them. Upon completion, the student will be awarded a degree from that partner university and it will be the exact same degree certificate, as a student who attended the said university entirely.

    More universities will be added to this list very shortly. Please visit us again for updates.

    • Foundation/Matriculation qualification with a minimum CGPA of 2.0 out of 4.0; OR
    • Pass A-Level with at least grade E in 2 subjects; OR
    • Pass in STPM, with a minimum CGPA 2.0; OR
    • Pass UEC with at least grade B in 5 subjects; OR
    • Pass in Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM) with a minimum grade of Jayyid (good); OR
    • Any qualifications equivalent to Diploma (Level 4, MQF); or any equivalent qualification;


    • Pass in SPM with at least 5 credits in 5 subjects or its equivalent; OR
    • Pass O-Level with at least grade C in 5 subjects
    Year 1RM
    Tuition Fee25,500
    Year 2RM
    Tuition Fee25,500

    Please call us to find out about our special fee offer for the September 2021 intake

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