Foundation in Arts

Foundation in Arts

If you have completed your SPM, and you are keen to venture into business, management, or marketing, enrol now for the ATC Foundation in Arts programme! This foundation programme is a faster track to a variety of degree programmes, compared to other pre-university courses with longer durations. For this foundation course, you will only be spending one year to complete it, before proceeding immediately to your choice of an undergraduate degree. This foundation course is a pre-requisite for entry into non-Science degrees such as Business, Management, Marketing, Accounting, Communication, Education, Hospitality, and many more degrees.

The Foundation in Arts course duration is 1 year, with 3 semesters (50 credit hours). Students are assessed through a mixture of coursework and examinations. There will be assignments, class tests, research projects, presentations, and final exams.

Students must complete a minimum of 13 subjects in total. The 9 core subjects are compulsory, and you may select at least another 4 elective subjects. The modules have been meticulously curated to give you the most extensive exposure to a variety of subjects, which will provide you with a solid grounding in preparation for your studies in university and beyond. It also helps to keep your options open, should you remain undecided. You will develop the skills required to succeed in almost any career and industry.


  • January
  • April
  • September
  • Duration

  • 1 year
  • Campus

  • KL Campus
  • The subjects are as follows:

    The 9 core subjects are compulsory.

    • Principles of Management
    • Principles of Marketing
    • Principles of Economics
    • Business Communication
    • Introduction to Law
    • Mathematics 1
    • Mathematics 2
    • English 1
    • English 2


    Select at least 4 elective subjects to complement your core subjects. You may choose them based on your areas of interest, the degree you intend to pursue, and the career pathway you wish to take.

    • Principles of Accounting
      Accounting skill is one of the most highly sought-after skills in business. Whether you decide to chart your path as a business owner, or become an investor, or become a full-fledged qualified Accountant, the ability to prepare and understand financial reports is one of the most important skills to have. This subject combines well with Mathematics and Business Studies.
    • Introduction to Electronic Commerce
      E-commerce is the hottest trending topic right now. It is the latest marketing method to sell products. If you wish to become an entrepreneur, this subject will help you hit the ground running with practical skills and strategies. You might even be able to make some money before you finish the course! This subject combines well with Business Studies, Marketing, Management, and Economics.
    • Legal System and Method
      Take a deep dive into the operations of the legal system and its institutions. Learn basic methods of legal analysis, and techniques of legal reasoning and interpretation. Whether you decide to pursue a career in Law or not, you will find that candidates with a basic knowledge of Law, are highly valued by employers, and it may come in handy one day in handling your own business too. This subject combines well with Introduction to Law and Introduction to Tort.
    • Business Studies
      Realise your entrepreneurial dreams by taking up Business Studies. If you wish to further your studies to a business or related degree in a university or start your own business, choosing this Business Studies subject is an excellent first step towards an exciting journey of entrepreneurship. This subject combines well with Management, Marketing, Economics, Business Communication, Electronic Commerce, and Accounting.
    • Critical Thinking
      Critical thinking skills are highly-valued attributes that employers seek in their staff. Such employees tend to be promoted faster and given greater responsibilities in the company. You will learn to think independently, clearly and rationally, and be able to solve problems, make decisions and take appropriate action. The skills learned in this subject will enable you to succeed in virtually any endeavour that you undertake.
    • Introduction to Tort
      This subject provides you with a basic understanding of the principles of the Law of Tort. You will study the various defences and remedies provided under the Law, and learn the foundation principles of Tort Law, conduct legal research, evaluate and critique the information from a legal perspective. This subject combines well with Introduction to Law and Legal System and Method. It is complementary to Business Studies.

    The entry requirement for Foundation of Arts is at least 5 credits in SPM or O-Level, or pass UEC with at least Grade B in 3 subjects.

    For those who intend to take up a degree in Arts or Business related fields, or wish to keep your career options open, enrol now for the Foundation in Arts programme!

    Foundation in Arts    
    Registration Fee  Tuition Fee
    RM1,000  RM15,000 RM20,000

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