Certificate in Business Studies

Calling all SPM school leavers with a dream of running their own business someday! The Certificate in Business Studies equips you beyond university, ready to venture into the world of entrepreneurship or launch a profitable career in business. This course also opens the door for you to continue your academic pathway towards any Diploma or Degree programmes offered at ATC College, including programmes offered by the prestigious University of London (UOL). For those who of you who want to keep your options open after SPM, this course would be an excellent choice for you while you discover your interests.

This Certificate in Business Studies course is accredited by the Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA) and also the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia. The syllabus and teaching methods have been internally developed to give you a broad understanding of each business function, from marketing to accounting, economics, management, entrepreneurship, business law, and more. It has been meticulously curated to give you a full perspective on how a business works.


  • January
  • April
  • August
  • Duration

  • 4 Semester / 1.5 years

  • Campus

  • KL Campus

  • This four semester programme provides a foundation in business education and allows you to either enter the business industry or continue with your academic pathway towards a Business degree

    Course Aims

    • To prepare students with the fundamentals of business
    • To provide flexibility, knowledge, skills and motivation
    • To develop a range of skills and techniques required in order to be employed as an apprentice or junior assistant.

    Awarding body; ATC College : Direct Entry to BSc. Business & Management (UOL)

    Key Features

    • A flexibly designed programme that allows modular learning
    • An experienced and dedicated faculty of full-time lecturers
    • Comprehensive materials
    • Seminars & training workshops
    • Access to a variety of clubs and societies for extra-curricular activities
    • Financial assistance in the form of scholarships and study loans
    • A central and easily accessible location
    • Accommodation upon request
    • Recognised entry for University Of London(UOL) – London School of Economic and Political Science (LSE), UK and other partner universities in the UK.


    • Introduction to Accounting
    • Principles of Economics
    • Introduction to Business
    • Introduction to Management
    • Basic Financial Accounting
    • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
    • Introduction to Business Communication
    • Introduction to Business Mathematics
    • Introduction to Electronic Commerce
    • Introduction to Marketing
    • Fundamentals of Finance
    • Computer Application
    • Introduction to Business Law
    • Bahasa Kebangsaan A / Pengurusan Masa dan Gaya Pembelajaran
    • Pengajian Malaysia 1 / Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1
    • Etika Komunikasi

    You will need at least 1 credit in SPM and at least a pass in BM. Students with UEC or equivalent qualifications are also eligible to apply.

    Upon completion of this four-semester programme which takes 1.5 years to complete, you can proceed directly to enrol into any of the Diploma programmes offered at ATC College according to your area of interest, such as the Diploma in Business Administration, Diploma in Accounting, Diploma in Management, Diploma in Marketing, or any other business-related courses at ATC’s partner institutions.

    University of London

    The University of London is unlike many other universities. It consists of 18 independent member institutions with outstanding global reputations and several prestigious central academic bodies and activities. The Member Institutions are considered universities in their own right; they set their own entrance criteria for their courses and they offer their own services to students. ATC’s Certificate in Business Studies is accepted by UOL for their BSc degrees in Economics, Management, Finance and Social Sciences.


    IUKL being the foremost infrastructure university in Malaysia, which emphasizes the integration of both hard and soft aspects of infrastructure, aspire to produce technopreneurs and skilled manpower with outstanding communication, technological and managerial skills. The strength of Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur today stems from its rich history. For more than 15 years, IUKL has been providing quality education and excellent professional services in various fields of infrastructure.


    York St John is the oldest higher education institution in York and has been at the forefront of Teaching and Education for over 175 years. York St John University offers you the opportunity to study for a high quality degree in the heart of the beautiful city of York. We offer our students and staff personal opportunities to learn and grow – both academically and individually – and this is facilitated by the high levels of student-staff interaction within our community. We pride ourselves in identifying and developing potential in all our students and staff. Upon completion of ATC’s Diploma in Management or Diploma in Marketing, students can opt to continue their Degree program at York St John University

    university of the west of england

    At UWE Bristol, we use our experience to provide high quality teaching and research with real world impact to shape higher education and research policy for the benefit of our students and business and civic partners. We innovate together, learn from each other and support every member to transform lives and deliver growth. The University of the West of England in Bristol, United Kingdom is marking its longstanding partnership with Universities and Colleges in South East (SE) Asia with a tour of Malaysia and Vietnam, ATC being one of them. Upon completion of ATC’s Diploma in Management or Diploma in Marketing, students can opt to continue their Degree program at UWE.

    Studying at ATC College can be a very rewarding experience that gives you an added advantage beyond the university. This flexible programme has been developed to facilitate modular learning, which adds like building blocks to your knowledge. You will be having lectures, tutorials, and online learning opportunities, one-on-one tutorial sessions, seminars and training workshops. You will have plenty of opportunities to develop leadership skills and strong communication abilities in many of our college activities, clubs, societies, and international competitions. Industry experts are frequently invited to share their knowledge and experience, and students are given industrial opportunities to learn practical applications of their knowledge in the real world. You will be taught by excellent tutors, who are a combination of academics and practitioners. The tutors at ATC College are highly experienced with outstanding credentials. You will definitely have the edge over your peers at ATC College.

    Certificate in Business Studies
    Registration Fee  Tuition Fee
    RM1,000  RM4,500 RM5,000

    Why Choose Us​

    Surprisingly Affordable Fees

    We have made it possible for you to obtain a world-class qualification of high international standards at a much lower cost than ever before. Now it’s up to you to make the best of this opportunity to level-up your game in the real world.

    Award-Winning Institution

    In our tradition of distinction, ATC College has been awarded the University of London’s 150th-Anniversary Award for Excellence, and proudly holds the worldwide record as the private law school with the most London law awards. We are also recognized by the Cambridge International Examination as a registered centre for A-Level examinations.

    Strategic Campus Location

    Our campus is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, where it is easily accessible via public transportation, and surrounded by public amenities such as banks, restaurants, shopping centres and hypermarkets.

    Over 3 Decades of Experience

    We have been making high quality education accessible to as many people as possible since ATC College was founded in 1988. Since then, ATC College has been held in high esteem as the hallmark of excellence in education.

    Over 9,000 Graduates

    Proven track record of stellar results. We are proud that over 9,000 students have graduated with prestigious degrees and they are prominent leaders in their chosen fields.

    Industry-Driven Methodologies

    Cutting-edge teaching-learning methodologies are used to facilitate learning through immersion by conducting mock court cases and business scenarios, and discussing real life case studies. You will develop analytical and critical thinking skills.

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