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Are you wondering what to do after completing your SPM? You can enrol to study the Cambridge Assessment (A-Level) International Examination at ATC College, and gain entry into the world’s best universities worldwide, whether locally or overseas, in countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. As the most recognised pre-tertiary qualification provided by the prestigious University of Cambridge equips you for the future, opens doors for you, to more degrees and more profession than many other qualifications.

Much like the SPM that you are already familiar with, A-Level is a 100% exam-based pre-university programme. It is the UK’s version of STPM, and it is also known as the GCE Advanced Level. The A-Level programme is an entry requirement for a degree in the university, preparing you for it through the comprehensive study of your selected subjects. At ATC College A-Levels programme, you will experience a rich and in-depth academic programme in a well-structured format, facilitated by top-notch lecturers.


  • January
  • March
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  • Duration

  • 15 – 16 months depending on the intake.

  • Campus

  • KL Campus
  • Penang Campus
  • How Does A-Level Work?

    Choose 3-4 subjects in the A-Level programme that you would like to study. These are the subjects that are available at ATC College:

    • Business (9609)

    Realise your entrepreneurial dreams by taking up Business as a subject. This subject enables you to develop a deep and critical understanding of business organisations in different global markets in real business situations. You will learn about management, leadership, human resource, finance, business analysis, and marketing strategies. If you wish to further your studies to a business or related degree in a university, and start your own business someday, choosing this subject is an excellent first step towards an exciting journey of entrepreneurship.

    • Economics (9708)

    Economics is an essential subject, which affects everything surrounding your life, such as inflation, unemployment, and more. You will learn a range of economic concepts, such as economies of scale, the law of diminishing returns, scarcity of resources, the price system, government intervention, international trade, and exchange rates. You will be able to evaluate and explain economic issues and confidently present your analysis. Studying economics opens up highly regarded careers in finance, banking, investment, insurance, or public policy.

    • Accounting (9706)

    Studying accounting provides you with one of the most highly sought-after skills in business. Whether you decide to chart your path as a business owner, or become an investor, or take up the illustrious career of an Accountant, the ability to understand financial reports is one of the most important skills to have. You will learn how to prepare and analyse financial statements and business reports for management decision-making and control, and comply with regulatory laws. The Accounting subject combines well with Mathematics and Business Studies.

    • Mathematics (9709)

    Mathematics is one of the most widely respected subject choices by universities. It is a fundamental requirement for a wide range of degree courses and careers. Studying Mathematics helps to keep your options open to more university courses and job opportunities. Degrees such as Medicine, Engineering, Computing, Accounting, and Economics require a certain level of proficiency in Mathematics. You will get the foundation you need to be able to study the subject with ease in university.

    • Law (9084)

    Give yourself a head start towards a prestigious law degree. In this Law subject, you will learn English legal system, Law of Contract and Law of Tort, and develop a sound knowledge and understanding of the Law and its institutions. You will learn to analyse cases and be able to present your argument. Whether you decide to pursue a career in Law or not, you will find that candidates with a basic knowledge of Law, are highly valued by employers, and it may come in handy one day in handling your own business too.

    • Psychology (9990)

    Psychology is the interesting study of the human mind and behaviour, which enables you to understand yourself and others better, leading to effective communication skills. You will learn the 4 core areas in psychology, namely, cognitive psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, and physiological psychology. It is very useful in every aspect of work life, from management to human resources, marketing, and sales. These skills are highly valued by employers, as they can facilitate great workplace and customer relationships.

    • English Literature (9095)

    If you have ever dreamed about becoming a published author, writer or journalist, or have a desire to pursue a degree in Journalism, English Literature, Education, or Mass Communication, then this subject is for you. You will study a range of texts in the three primary forms, namely, prose, poetry, and drama. You will develop critical and contextual thinking by analysing a variety of literary works from different periods and cultures. This English Literature subject combines well with Law.

    On the whole, the A-Level course duration is between 15-16 months, depending on the intake. Each full-time student must take up at least 3 subjects, up to a maximum of 4 subjects. The entry requirement is at least 5 credits in your SPM results.

    Registration Fee  Tuition Fee  
       Malaysian International  
    RM2,000  RM20,000 RM25,000  
    CIE Registration Fee: RM300
    Cambridge International Examination Fee(AS Level): RM400(per subject)
    Cambridge International Examination Fee(A2 Level): RM400(per subject)


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    Surprisingly Affordable Fees

    We have made it possible for you to obtain a world-class qualification of high international standards at a much lower cost than ever before. Now it’s up to you to make the best of this opportunity to level-up your game in the real world.

    Award-Winning Institution

    In our tradition of distinction, ATC College has been awarded the University of London’s 150th-Anniversary Award for Excellence, and proudly holds the worldwide record as the private law school with the most London law awards. We are also recognized by the Cambridge International Examination as a registered centre for A-Level examinations.

    Strategic Campus Location

    Our campus is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, where it is easily accessible via public transportation, and surrounded by public amenities such as banks, restaurants, shopping centres and hypermarkets.

    Over 3 Decades of Experience

    We have been making high quality education accessible to as many people as possible since ATC College was founded in 1988. Since then, ATC College has been held in high esteem as the hallmark of excellence in education.

    Over 9,000 Graduates

    Proven track record of stellar results. We are proud that over 9,000 students have graduated with prestigious degrees and they are prominent leaders in their chosen fields.

    Industry-Driven Methodologies

    Cutting-edge teaching-learning methodologies are used to facilitate learning through immersion by conducting mock court cases and business scenarios, and discussing real life case studies. You will develop analytical and critical thinking skills.

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