Student Services Encompasses An Array Of Clubs And Societies Affiliated With The Student Representative Council – Including Everything From Moots, Debate, Sports, Music, Rotaract, Human Rights, Religions And Much More.

Get support from our student services for information on the many clubs and societies available to new and continuing students alike. Joining a college club or society and the international competitions are a great way to meet new people, build valuable networks and foster lifelong friendships amongst your peers. It is also a fun way to develop communication skills, leadership skills, social media, event organising skills and other soft skills that are required for success in the workplace.

Clubs & Societies @ ATC


Designation: ATC Christian Fellowship
The primary goal is to provide an arena of fellowship among Christians. The objective of having a CF in ATC is for Christians to come together to meet once a week to share their common interests. CF welcomes non-Christians with open arms. It is a place where members come to worship the Lord, study the Bible, share about anything and pray for each other. Some students are not able to attend church, CF can supplement however not as a substitute.

General And Specific Activities

GeneralSpecific Activities:GeneralSpecific Activities:
1) Community service
2) Service to the college
3) Weekly meeting on Fridays
1) Christmas Care Campaign
2) Feeding the homeless
3) Excursions
4) Participation to some activities organize by the FES (Fellowship of Evangelical Students)
1) Community service
2) Service to the college
3) Weekly meeting on Fridays
1) Gotong-royong in ATC
2) Christmas party
3) Excursion to Penang Heritage Sites

Rotaract Is An International Youth Movement For Young Adults Aged 18 To 30. This Non-Political And Secular Organisation Operates Under The Umbrella Of Rotary International. It Provides An Opportunity To Young Adults To Enhance Their Knowledge And Skills That Will Assist Them In Personal Development, Address The Physical And Social Needs Of Their Communities And Promote Better Relations Between All People Worldwide Through A Framework Of Friendship And Service.

The Rotaract Club of Advance Tertiary College was chartered on 20 October 2007 by the Rotary Club of Ampang.

Advance Tertiary College (ATC)’s own chapter of Rotaract Club was formed through the initiatives of several likeminded students in the college who are committed to serving the community and also developing themselves professionally, while expanding their network of friends. The club received its charter on 20th October 2007 from the Rotary International Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois and is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Ampang.

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ALSA (Asian Law Student’s Association) is an association that unites law students of Asia via the creation of an awareness of justice and social responsibility. ALSA ATC seeks to enhance the quality of students and expand their horizons by encouraging them to become internationally-minded individuals equipped with highly prized legal skills. Join us to understand and appreciate
the diversity of ideals and perceptions concerning various legal problems faced by members of society through interactions
among fellow Asian law students.

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The Moot Society acts as a platform for students to enhance their advocacy skills to prepare them for a life in practice after obtaining their law degrees. The moot society actively recruits and trains students in areas of researching, public speaking, legal writing and the ability to articulate their research and opinions in the form of legal arguments. The Moot Society provides a balance of not just theoretical knowledge but the practical ability to students that will be useful in the legal profession. Besides training, students in the Moot Society also actively participate in various national and international competitions to test their skills against other law students from around the world.

ATC is extremely proud in this regard as over the years students representing ATC both in the national and international stages have accumulated numerous achievements and awards from participating in various competitions. The ATC Moot Society is the home of talented soon to be lawyers which have garnered the attention of various law firms and potential employers who are keeping a close eyes on all the talents that are produce by the ATC Moot Society.       

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