Awards & Accolades


The Institution with the largest number of “Best Students in the World” awards.

Testament of ATC’s excellent results:

  • The Institution with the Largest Number of “Best Students in the World” Awards 2010.
  • The ONLY Law School In The World To Have Produced 9 First Class Honours For The London LL.B
  • The ONLY Law School in Malaysia, Public or Private, To Ever Win The Prestigious LAWASIA International Moot Competition.
  • The ONLY Private Law School in MALAYSIA To Be Invited Into The Prestigious International Association of Law Schools.
  • The FIRST Law School in MALAYSIA To Be Fully Accredited By MQA For The London LL.B
  • The LARGEST Law School in This REGION With 3,321 Registered Students For The Academic Year 2009 – 2010.
  • One of six Institutions In The WORLD To Receive The University of London’s 150th Anniversary Award For Excellence.
YearTop StudentFinal Part I & II Total Score
1990Ms Rekha Mahendran490
1991Ms Gurmit Kaur479
1992Ms Sharon Shamini Amen499
1993Mr Giridaran Santhirathesan502
1994Ms Ng Alina499
1996Ms Yong Pooi Yee501
1997Mr Jack Yow Pit Pin506
1998Mr Lau Kee Sern484
1999Ms Kok Su Ann515 (First Class Honours)
2000Ms Sheela Devi d/o Krishnan498
2001Mr Lee Kong Han521 (First Class Honours)
2002Ms Teh Guat Hong531 (First Class Honours)
2003Ms Teo Sue Anne545 (First Class Honours)
2004Ms Sanjeetha Sidhu
Ms Julia Shah Fiorovantiova
522 (First Class Honours)
519 (First Class Honours)
2005Mr Donovan Cheah504
2006Mr Anilraj Verdamanikam512
2007Mr Tan You Leong542 (First Class Honours)
2008Ms Chong Jing En517 (First Class Honours)
2009Ms Jacinta Tan Szu Minn508
2010Ms Rebecca Yuvonne551 (First Class Honours)
2011Mr. Teo Eu John505
2012Mr. Ryan Lee King Hay560 (First Class Honours)
2012Ms. Crystal Lam Chin Kiu525 (First Class Honours)
2013Ms. Celia Ho Wai Kwan508 (First Class Honours)
2013Mr. Alan Chen Kam Lung508 (First Class Honours)
2013Mr. Daniel Chua Wei Chuen499 (First Class Honours)
2014Ms. Tan Peek Shia500
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The Malaysian Law Scholarship

In 1994, the External Programme and King’s College London introduced a scholarship which is awarded annually to an External LL.B student. Funding for the scholarship comes from the External Programme and the successful applicant enters King’s College, London to complete the second and third years of their LL.B degree.

The scholarship student is offered to the applicant who achieves the highest marks on the Intermediate examinations for the first time and the successful student is awarded as scholarship of £16,000 per annum.

Out of the 15 times that the scholarship has been awarded since 1995, ATC students have obtained it 12 times.

Year AwardedStudent Name
1995Jaya Geetha Nagendran
1995Jaya Geetha Nagendran
1997Amirtha Rajesh Ganesan
1998Melvinder Singh s/o Jagindar Singh
1999Sri Sarguna Raj
2000Tiffany Heah Li Yew
2001Nurul Munnah binti Ahmad Kamarulzaman
2002Ding Li Nah
2003Victoria Loi Tien Fen
2004Rhubini Nataraja
2005Ann Khong Hui Li
2007Rani Preatarshini Subassandran
2010Joey Teh Shyang Shiuan
2012Navini Rajikumara
2013Vivian Oh
2014Jeevitha Thurai
2015Daphne Sit Wei Jing
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